Types of Social Media Users

Social Media is full of weird people. From a common man to country’s top citizen everyone is now on social media but can we categorize them.

Let’s see what all types of people you can find on the Internet

  1. The Early Adopter

These are the people who were already on Facebook, Twitter and even on Orkut when the whole world never cared about whether these websites exist or not. These type of people call their friends and force them to join new social media websites and when everyone comes aboard they leave it because they got bored with it. Simcity Buildit hack is worth checking out.

If you want to find any one of the human being belonging to this species then we recommend you the check out the internet news every day and register on a new social media website as you see it.

  1. The Family Person

A person from this category targets their family member because they want to be in touch with everyone in their family. They make groups with some weird family type name and adds the whole family without even asking them and next you know a good morning message every day which is kinda ritual in these groups.

  1. The Listener

Ever wondered why you are not getting likes on your post even having a ton big friend list. Just keep wondering because your friend list got some listeners who prefer to say silent and keep very less footprint on social media. They might enjoy your post but they won’t react because they like to live under the radar.

  1. The Activist

These are the breed of people who show off’s every time they meet their friends and never stop ranting and when these people are on social media it’s hell because they post a lot and make your feed feel like dustbin and the worst part is you can’t even block them or unfriend them because then, you know what will be happening.

  1. The Spammer

Ever felt that your feed is trash then you might be having a “Spammer” friend who never stops posting from morning to night sometimes even in the middle of the night they want to tell the whole world what they are doing and you know what’s worse they put same stuff everywhere from Instagram to Facebook.

  1. The Influencer

Influencers are the most sought people on social media. People treat them like their idols. They want to do whatever they that’s how these people live. They partner with brands to influence people to buy their products as they are using it but you know reality is they would have never ever heard of that brand. Influencers have thousands and millions of followers and that’s the factor which decides their value.

  1. Trolls

Trolls are unemployed people who got no work in real life and that’s the reason they come on the internet to pass their time. These people always manage to cross the line no matter how sensitive matter is. They call it fun and they deserve a hit on “block” button.

So, let us know in the comments which kind of social media being you are and how many of them you have encountered till now

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