Few reasons why to be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site that forms a community for all the working professionals and some of the great Company out there where all of us aspire to work and grow our career. It provides a platform to all those people to showcase their experience and skills and connect to recruiters.

If you are not on LinkedIn, after reading this article you will surely soon be a part of it.

Here are a few reasons to be on LinkedIn and I am sure most of us will agree to all. So let’s go-

  • Recruiters too are on this platform.

If you are a job seeker and you are not on LinkedIn then most probably you don’t exist for the recruiters. According to the recent statistic, there are more recruiters as compare to job seeker on LinkedIn. And hence it is very important for very Jobseeker to be on LinkedIn as it provides us the professional world we all are looking for and will also provide you the required Job.

  • People will always look through your profile before hiring you.

Social media is now become a search engine to find about the person the Recruiters are hiring. It’s, therefore, necessary for every user to build a very good profile on all the platform they are present on and especially on LinkedIn. Managers and Recruiters tend to judge you by looking at your profile and hence one should maintain it very carefully.

  • The companies who you aspire to work in are also there.

There is always that one company that we dream to work in. LinkedIn will provide you a platform to be in touch with all such companies. Spy on the number of job opportunities available and find out what they are looking for in an employee that will help you to perform well.

  • One can make a connection that may benefit you later.

LinkedIn allows the user to make great connections. We all know that in today’s time networking is very important to get a good job. LinkedIn provides with the opportunity to make such a network wherein you can later dig in to find some people that may benefit you.

  • You will get to know about the changing trends in various Industries.

LinkedIn is the best place to find and get to know about the changing trends or some news in the Industry. It also helps us to inform us and hence keep us updated. It’s very important to know how to hack an Instagram account and be informed as it will help you in the Interview or in some group discussion to do well.

  • Your LinkedIn profile will make recruiters have trust in you.

As mentioned earlier recruiters search for you to create a perspective and judge you based on your profile. In other words, one can say that LinkedIn helps a Jobseeker to build trust among the recruiters and managers that are going to be responsible to hire you. Trust will come by maintaining a very up-to-date profile on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is the best way to build yourself as a Brand.

LinkedIn provides us the platform to build ourselves as a Brand and thus grow our Networks. One must try to nurture their profile on LinkedIn just as they do it for the company’s brand to grow. On LinkedIn, we all are as a brand always trying to grow and be a better version of ourselves.

These were a few reasons to be on LinkedIn, No doubt there will be more according to each and every requirement. I hope this article has enlightened you enough to make you a part of it and if you already are then you would have definitely got some more insights to use it effectively.

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